Friday, October 01, 2004

PR professionals in India are nitwits

The first post!
PR industry, the world over, may be seriously debating the efficacy of using technology in their profession. Search the Net, and half the articles one can find about PR are about how the industry is changing, how it is embracing new media, and how best PR professional scan meld their traditional skills with the powers of new technologies.
But not so in India.
PR professionals in India, even in the largest public relations agencies in the country, are stuck on nothing but plain old media relations. In fact, for them, PR means 90 % media relations and 10 % event management. Even thinking outside the confines of media relations - on what other tools they have to promote their client - is a strange concept.
PR agencies in India have tried their hands at knowledge management - an attempt at harnessing the combined knowledge of the organisation, storing and mining it. All such efforts have failed (at least the ones that I know about).
Partly this can be blamed on their management, which is stuck on ancient principles of public relations. Starting at a time when the only way to get PR for their client was by buying off greedy journalists, they have become stunted, and stunted their companies in the process...


Blogger Octavio Rojas said...

Dear Terrier...

Welcome to the blogosphere.

Don't worry. Time will help Indian PR sector to change into a better, most proffesional one.

Hi from Madrid, Spain.

October 5, 2004 at 9:15 AM  
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