Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Talespin's PR mis-steps

Came across this press release on commondreams.

Some greatest PR mis-steps out of the list are:

  • Ford and Firestone initially tried to stone-wall media by saying there was no problem with the Ford Explorers, even though the SUVs were turning over and drivers’ deaths were mounting.
  • Starbucks pressed 9/11 rescue workers to pay $130.00 for water to help bring those injured out of shock. When workers thought they were overcharged, Starbucks fought back.
  • Coca-Cola and Pepsi took the Indian Government to court when they were accused of using pesticides in their drinks rather than hiring an independent testing company to challenge the accusation. (Boy, didn't that get them into more trouble!)
  • Dow Corning had already been found guilty of fraud for hiding the dangers of silicone breast implants when they hired a PR company to promote “a woman’s choice” as a counter to the negative publicity created by the verdict.
  • Volkswagen refused to halt their direct mailing campaign with an envelope labeled, “Suspicious Package” even though a recent terrorist bombing had put the UK on alert and potential customers were fearful.


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