Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bob Woolmer died of strangulation?

More conspiracy theories are swirling around Bob Woolmer's death. The latest theory is that the Pakistan cricket team coach was strangulated. This report has appeared in Konkani world, which quotes a Radio Jamaica reporter who says he is certain that the police will announce strangulation as the cause of Bob Woolmer's death shortly.

This theory might explain the marks on Bob Woolmer's neck and scratches on his cheeks which are not consistent with say a cardiac arrest.

Other reports in Jamaican media claim that police sources are now saying that fresh evidence has surfaced that indicates that Bob Woolmer may have been strangled. According to news reports, police sources are saying that a bone in Woolmer's neck, near the glands, had been broken.

Right now, all the murder theories are centered around the book that Bob Woolmer was writing to be called Discovering Cricket in which he was expected to expose match-fixing in the subcontinent.


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