Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bob Woolmer's death suspicious, may have been poisoned say Jamaican police

Latest reports say that the Jamaican police have confirmed that Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer's death was suspicious and he may have been poisoned. According to CNN-IBN, Pakistan's Geo TV cricket correspondent has said that as per his Jamaican police sources, traces of poison were found in Bob Woolmer's body and therefore he must have died of poisoning. The toxicology and histology tests have shown traces of poison.

The Jamaican police are not coming out and calling it poisoning but they are calling it a suspicious death. They further clarified that suspicion doesn't necessarily mean a negative outcome.

So even if poisoning is confirmed, the question then is was Bob Woolmer murdered or did he commit suicide? Suicide seems unlikely in this situation though, since many have vouched for the fact that Woolmer may have been unhappy with Pakistan's ouster but he was hardly shattered.


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