Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bob Woolmer murder update: Two Pakistan players asked to stay back

According to a report in, two Pakistan players have been asked to stay back in Jamaica, in connection with the Bob Woolmer murder case. The rest of the team will be leaving for Pakistan shortly.

The Jamaican police have taken DNA samples of all the Pakistani players. Earlier, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman had said the whole Pakistani team would be leaving for Pakistan today.

Other reports say the murder investigation is currently focused on whether Bob Woolmer's murder was linked to any match-fixing of the World Cup games. For instance, could it be that the Ireland-Pakistan match was fixed and Bob Woolmer angered the betting nexus because Pakistan lost?

There are also rumours of altercations between Woolmer and some of the Pakistani players after the Ireland-Pakistan match. Detectives will be investigating these rumours as well.

There is the other angle of Bob Woolmer's impending book that would have exposed those involved in match fixing. Erstwhile Pakistan cricketer Sarfaraz Nawaz has said that a proof of the book, which was the only copy, has disappeared from Woolmer's room.

It is highly unlikely that such a tech-savvy man as Woolmer would have kept only one hard copy of his book and no back-up copies in his computer. Secondly, Woolmer's family had categorically denied that the book would contain any explosive material.

The other explanation being bandied about is that of disgruntled Pakistan fans breaking in and doing away with Woolmer. It is too much of a stretch that angry fans would have gained quiet access to Woolmer's room and killed him without alerting anyone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is quite astonishing that still the clues to the murder of bob woolmer are vague. It is sheer the incompetence or some concealing factor that jamiacan police has not yet determined the culprits. It seems so the people at the helm of affairs do not want to spoil the mega drama of world cup even though they have some secret information. How it is possible that without leaving any trace somebody ables to assasinate a person of such a world repute. The involving teams should not be allowed to leave the hotel without the culmination of the murder enquiry. Now the wilderness prevails all around. After more than a week of their inability to get any perpetrator take the case to other way i.e might be bob is not murdered instead he died a natural way. Now it is a long agony to be borne by the bob woolmer lovers to see the culprits behind the bars. Hope for the best

March 26, 2007 at 12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Naturally the pakistani team should have not be allowed to leave the city without conclusion of the case findings. And the team of diplomats has also arrived from pakistan to cool down the affair. Whatever may be the cause of death it should have been highligted uptill now. why so much time is being consumed on this highly precarious situation. Both the pakistani and indian giants have been thrown out of the mega event. It smells some rot of some match fixing. The persons who are defaming the game should immediately be persecuted and should be made examples of true justice if found guilty. How come the professionals of high calibre are tamed easily by the minnows of ireland. This is some serious point to be pondered. Those persons who got the game to such a disrepute should be examplarily punished. In my openion bob woolmer should be given some prestigious award like noble prize or some like equivalent to be martyred by the evil designers. This is a big mistake to let pakistani team flee from the scene without conclusive enquiry. May be they are innocent but without seeing the footage of the 12th floor of the building they should have not been allowed to go. They are saving the diplomatic ties not the reputation of the game(Jamaican police) what an irony.

March 26, 2007 at 1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my openion pakistani team should have not been allowed to leave the city without clear study of the footage of the 12th floor of the hotel. the lethargy of the jamaican police is really a monumental one. Diplomatic efforts are underway from pakistani fronts to sweep the matter under the carpet. I think a complet enquiry of both pakistani and indian team should be conducted so that any doubts of match fixing could be eliminated outrightly. Since the rampant corruption in the institution of cricket is notorious.I appeal to the concerned authorities to fully investigate the matter to do justice with the soul of bob woolmer and do not make a try to sweep the matter under the carpet. This game of once of gentlemen is highly overcast by the nefarious elements. This match fixing phenomenon should be eradicated once for all.

March 26, 2007 at 1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob woolmer death has now become a mystery that needed some sherlock holmes to unravel the reality out of this jargon. I hope the situation will be sooner cleared with all the imbiguities. The family of the deceased coach and all the lovers of the game are eagerly awaiting the outcome of this case. I appeal to the concerned authorities to please clear all the doubts about the enquiry at the earliest possible.

March 27, 2007 at 11:30 AM  

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