Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bob Woolmer strangled to death says post-mortem report, may have known killers

The rumours can now be put at rest. Jamaican police have confirmed that Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer was murdered, as suspected. The Jamaican police gave a statement saying that the official post-mortem report shows that Woolmer died due to asphyxia as a result of being strangled.

In line with the murder investigation, the police has taken fingerprints and statements of the Pakistan team.

According to early reports, the Jamaican police suspect that the murder was committed by two persons. Also, there were no signs of forced entry so it's very likely that Bob Woolmer knew the murderers and let them in. Reports are also saying that access cards are needed to enter each floor of the hotel, and since no data of entry was found, it is likely that the killer was on the same floor as Woolmer.

Regarding the traces of poison found in Woolmer's body, the police are waiting for the toxicology results to determine if Bob Woolmer was poisoned before or after being strangled.

The police are also saying that the book Bob Woolmer was writing, Discovering Cricket, did contain explosive information about match-fixing and that may very well be the motive for the murder.

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