Friday, October 01, 2004


This is so brilliant! See, I was a journalist before I got into the PR profession for its better moolah. And journalism and journalists were sick. But anyway - I always ha a good equation with the PR people. After all, without them, where would I be! Who would give me the data to fill the space? Well, I could always go out and collect it and write it myself, but then it was much better when the PR person would give you proof-checked copy, which then I only had to do some minor rewriting on. But sometimes, some of them were really pathetic. No clue about PR, no clue about their client, and no clue about journalism or newspapers. I think we journalists had some kind of a mental tip-sheet on what to do with those ones. Here, someone has written all of that down. For example....

1. Always wait until 5pm on Friday to call looking for a quote that "has to be in today". PR people like the adrenaline rush.

2. Always tell the PR person, "I'm sorry, I don't regard you as a good source for a quote. I need to speak to your boss." This is particularly effective with female PR people.

3. Always be rude. PR people misinterpret politeness as lack of urgency.

4. Always call to demand invitations to events for which you've been overlooked. Then don't show up. Remind them who's boss.

5. Accept all invitations to one-on-one interviews. Then, just before you hang up, make a comment that implies you've always wanted to have a real go at the interviewee and you're looking forward to it. PR people hate to feel secure.

For more, go here PR Anti-FAQ


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