Friday, March 30, 2007

Bob Woolmer may have been strangled using a towel, suspected Al Qaeda link

According to latest reports, Jamaican police believe that Woolmer may have been strangled using some cloth, possibly a hotel towel. Reports quote Jamaica's deputy police commissioner Mark Shields as saying that the absence of marks on Woolmer's neck suggest that the murderer did not strangle Woolmer using his or her bare hands; rather there must have been something between the hands of the murderer and Woolmer's neck.

Mark Shields insists that even though the first pathology report was inconclusive, he is convinced that Bob Woolmer was murdered.

The Pakistan Times has reported that even though the Pakistan team has been allowed to return to Pakistan, the team has not been cleared in the inquiry into Woolmer's murder. Mark Shields has been quoted as saying that no one can be ruled at this stage of the investigation. Shields has said the theory that comes to light is that of match-fixing but that it is not the only line of inquiry.

Mark Shields has also been quoted as saying that he can identify many people from the digital security images as those he had met in the week after Woolmer's murder.

The police has not ruled out the possibility of a hit man being involved in Woolmer's murder.

Meanwhile, there are rumours of an Al Qaeda link to Woolmer's murder, circulating in some British newspapers. The Sun has said that a Pakistan-based bookie was thrown out after Woolmers' room after a row. The daily has said that the bookie was linked to Dawood Ibrahim.

Bob Woolmer's memorial service will be held in Cape Town on Wednesday at the Wynberg Boys' High School.


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