Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bob Woolmer murder case: Police have video that may help nab killers


The Jamaican police are now examining Bob Woolmer's computer for clues to his murder, according to various news reports. The police are hoping to find some leads pertaining to match-fixing, which is being considered by many as the prime motive for the murder.

The police are also trying to locate as many witnesses as possible. Most of the people in the hotel have moved to other venues of the world cup and the police are trying to track them down.

An Associated Press of Pakistan report says that the Jamaican police are looking for three Pakistanis connected to the Pakistan cricket team in connection with the murder. Reports say that Hamid Malik, Efran Chaudhary, and Jundie Khan were fans who spent a lot of time with Pakistani cricketers. The three, reportedly, left Jamaica soon after Bob Woolmer's death.

Meanwhile, the police also suspect that Bob Woolmer was poisoned or drugged before he was strangled. According to the New Zealand Herald, the police are conducting toxicology and tissue tests on Woolmer's last service meal.

The latest reports on the Bob Woolmer murder case are reporting the Jamaican police as saying that they are in possession of video that could help nail the killers. According to the deputy police commissioner Mark Shields, images were transferred into a digital format from the security videotapes at the Pegasus hotel.

The security video that the police has shows only an end of the corridor of the 12th floor and not any of the doors, including the door of Bob Woolmer's room. However, the police are hoping that whatever footage is available of the activity on the floors will give them some leads as to the identity of the killers.

Meanwhile, News of the World, a UK tabloid has quoted Bob Woolmer's close friend Clive Rice (South African cricket player) as saying that Bob Woolmer was aware of match fixing and knew the names of members of the betting nexus and senior officials who were involved. Woolmer was apparently going to tell all in this forthcoming book.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if the police has the video why they are delaying to announce the culprits. are they trying to hide the real ones. so much dealy causes suspicions in the minds of cricket avid lovers.

March 27, 2007 at 2:05 PM  

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