Saturday, October 23, 2004

Slaying the PR dragon

Hello all.

As I mentioned a few days back, I am looking for weaponry to slay the Anal Retentive PR dragon in India. Here is the essence of what I have collected on blogs, blogs are PR tools and as the new media. From what I have seen, blogging as the new media looks too premature for India in the absence of a mainstream blogging culture and familiarity. However, do go through my list and short notes below.

This is a country where Anal retentive PR is not dead yet, and any help to kill it would be appreciated. Thanks, Constantin Basturea, for pointing me towards the New PR Wiki.

Types of blogs

1. Personal blogs

a. Infinite varieties… tech, political… but not really my focus

2. Corporate / company blogs
a. Ceo blogs
b. Employee blogs
c. Crisis management blogs
d. Product blogs
e. B2B blogs
f. Investor relations blogs
g. Marketing / PR agency blogs

Blogging as journalism and blogs as media vis a vis India

1. Indian bloggers are not serious bloggers
2. Indian bloggers do not specialize in issues/ topics
3. Indian corporates do not blog
4. A few top marketers / CEOs in India blog
5. Indian bloggers have not acquired the kind of credibility / controversy that the US and some European bloggers have achieved. They are currently not worth a journalist’s notice.
6. RSS, Feed Readers are not part of the Indian CEO / PR agency / Journalist’s lexicon.
7. Pitching to a blogger does not make sense in India are Indian bloggers are not acknowledged / known to the media; as well as not specialized or popular enough.

Blogging and its possibilities in India

1. International networking
observations: By identifying influential blogs in your own industry or other relevant industries, a company can easily build a network of people across the world. The capability to stay in touch with the latest trends, opportunities and threats are some of the benefits

2. Internal company blogs
observations: For pure internal employee communications purposes and feedback. This is of any use in India’s corporate scenario only if the management is willing to collect strong, and occasionally dissenting feedback and thus engage in a conversation with its employees.

Also, Corporate fear should end.

3. Internal Project blogs

4. Product launch blogs
observations: They stay alive for a specific period and publicized through the media; target audience - consumers.

5. CEO blogs
For the CEO to communicate with stakeholders, vendors, employees

a. Some of India’s top CEOs, if they start blogs, will have wider audiences than some websites.
b. Somewhere during my trawls of PR blogs, I came across this nugget that the CEO is one of the most trusted management faces in a company; and people are often willing to take a word from the CEO at face value – provided it is routed through the normal marketing channels. If this is right, I can imagine the potential in India as we have some real high-profile CEOs who may easily kill of some business websites.

That, I guess, is my starting point. Any help on how to move forward, is welcome.


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